Jantex Beer Line Cleaner 5 Litre GC977 GC977 GC977
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Jantex Beer Line Cleaner 5 Litre GC977

Contents: 1 x 5Ltr

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  • Cleans and sanitises pumps, lines and equipment
  • Fast results
  • Removes residue
  • Easy to use
  • Rinses away easily
  • Removes yeast build-up
  • Dilution ratio: 1:200
  • Concentrated solution - dilute before use
  • Box Quantity: 1 x 5Ltr
  • Use with pelican pump (GF368) for 25ml dosing
  • For professional use only

Whether youre doing your weekly line clean or youre bottoming out a neglected home bar system, this beer line cleaner can tackle it (please note that this beer line cleaner is for professional use only).

The special formula both cleans and sanitises your lines so your beer doesnt pick up any unusual flavours or characteristics during dispensing.

Jantex Beer Line Cleaner 5 Litre  GC977
Jantex Beer Line Cleaner 5 Litre  GC977

The powerful solution will loosen and remove any yeast deposits in the lines and is thorough enough to remove any trace elements from your beer dispensing equipment.

To useDifferent cellar set-ups will require different steps, so contact the person or company in charge of your cellar maintenance to find out how to get your lines ready for cleaning.PPE must be worn at all times during the process.

This includes: goggles, long sleeve rubberised gloves and a rubber apron.Once you have disconnected your kegs from the lines and the lines are set up for cleaning, you can mix your solution.For regular cleaning, use a dilution ratio of 1:200 and double the concentration for heavily soiled lines.First, flush the lines through with plenty of fresh clean water use cold water as warm water can create an environment that is perfect for bacteria to breed.

Also, you dont want to run warm water through your chiller as this will cause the temperature to rise in the chiller and put it under unnecessary stress.Now that your lines are flushed, you can connect your inlet to your cleaning barrel or insert the inlet hose into the cleaning bucket.

Pull the mixed beer line cleaner through each beer tap until all of the fresh water has left the lines and the lines are filled with the cleaner.

Now, wait (between 10-30 minutes is recommended).

If you have the time, then always wait 30 minutes for a thorough clean (but no longer as you risk damage to parts in your dispensing set-up).

Once the lines have had time to soak, rinse through with plenty of fresh, cold water.

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Brand Jantex
warranty 12 months spare parts warranty
Weight (kg) 5.15 kg
Capacity 5Ltr
Finish externalOpaque

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